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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I afford?



There are many variables that factor into determining the mortgage you can afford. This includes your down payment, income, and any other debt you are currently managing.

Use our mortgage affordability calculator to help you estimate the maximum home price you can afford.

What will my mortgage payments be?

Your payment is determined by the amortization, term/rate, and payment frequency selected.

Use our mortgage payment calculator to model various payment scenarios to determine which best suits your situation.

How do I become mortgage-free sooner?



There are a few ways you can do this. You can accelerate your mortgage payments (see example below), make one or more lump sum payments, or shorten your amortization period.

Accelerating your payment

Example: $100,000 fixed rate mortgage at 5%, 25 year amortization


Frequency Payment Interest paid Interest savings Mortgage free
Monthly $581.61 $74,479.89 25 years
Accelerated Bi-weekly $290.81 $62,044.27 $12,435.62 21 years, 6 months